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What is Brand Recognition? Brand Recognition will help people become familiar with you. An instant recognition of who you are, what you do and how you can help your customers. With proper marketing Branding is similar to building a trust between you and your customers is important.

It can mean the difference in potential customers choosing between your product, business or service as appose to your competitors, who they are not familiar with.

Differentiate yourself from your competitors and add value and trust to your product, business or service!

Branding yourself with BrandVertise.Me is easy!

No need to learn any html, no PHP, no ftp'ing and no modifying Web Pages. Add your BV bar to any website and start branding yourself the right way.

BrandVertise.Me is ideal for:

  • Internet Marketers:
    Who are marketing a Business, Product or Service that does not have self replicating pages
    That are marketing a website that does not have your photo, and does not allow you to modify the webpage you are marketing
  • Realtors:
    Advertise one URL promoting the hottest home available on the market. Update your BV Bar on a regular basis and title your BV Bar "Home of the Week" get return visitors to the same URL changing the content as easy as updating a form!
  • Traffic Exchange Surfers:
    Promote any webpage WHILE you are also branding yourself

Provide your surfers multiple ways to contact you by updating your contact details with your personal social media websites.


Customize your BV Bar:

  • BV Bar Name:
    Also used as part of your BrandVertise.ME marketing URL.
  • Title:
    Meta title is fully customizable. You select the title of the BV bar that is displayed in your surfers browser
  • Meta Keywords and Meta Description

Start building credibility and trust with your surfers, brand yourself with BrandVertise.ME.  Setup is quick and easy!


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